Posted on March 3, 2021 Pray for Christina and Lance Muteyo ministering for Christ in Zimbabwe for peace and economic justice. 

CHRISTINA and LANCE describe themselves as “Zimbabwean peace warriors.” Working with the Trees of Peace Africa ministry in Zimbabwe, they conduct trainings in conflict transformation across Africa, utilizing experiential learning methodologies. In addition to their primary work of peace building and conflict transformation, the Muteyos develop leaders through training and capacity building and oversee sustainable economic development projects. Christina and Lance share, “It is our belief that peace, justice, truth, and mercy are ingredients for sustainable peace building.” They serve with IM as international associate global servants. 

They write – We are in the middle of floods here in Harare. The rains are so devastating, yet they bring life to nature.  

We have been under total Covid lockdown in the last two months. Today, the President announced the end of the lockdown. Now, we can breathe. Our mission work greatly changed in this new “normal”. We are constantly thinking new ways of reaching out to souls through our peace and economic justice work.  

Prayer Requests  

  1.  Pray for our Training for Conflict Transformation Trainers which was slated for this last February but postponed indefinitely due to Covid 19. Pray for the wisdom to know right time.  
  1. Pray for the construction of Fizi Primary School in DR Congo.  
  1. Pray for us and our children’s safety in this pandemic. 
  1. Pray for our tailoring project we are envisioning to expand. We are in the process of working with vulnerable women in skills development, peace education, trauma healing and spiritual care.  
  1. Pray for Zimbabwean orphaned children whom we continue to help through school fees, food and peace education.  
  1. Pray for Zimbabwe which has been hit with floods.  
  1. Pray for us as we intend to initiate a clean drinking water program in April 

Rejoice with us  

  1.  In our work as we have been donating PPEs and food to our community. 
  1. As we took advantage of the rains to plant 10 000 nitrogen fixation trees.  
  1. As our kids are growing in the love of Christ.  
  1. As the fundraising for the Fizi school building is progressing well.  

Tatenda, Siyabonga (Thanks) 

[For more information go to Christina & Lance Muteyo International Ministries]