Posted on October 24, 2018 Pray for Amanda and Jon Good serving through ministries of evangelism, discipleship, education and theological education in Hungary.

Jon and Amanda Good serve in partnership with the Baptist Union of Hungary. Amanda assists with education at the school managed by the Baptist Church in Debrecen, as well as those managed by Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid). She also helps with discipleship ministries of the Baptist Church in Debrecen. Jon assists the Baptist Church in Debrecen with its evangelistic outreach, church planting and church development ministries. He also helps with the training of Christian leaders through the Union’s seminary. Amanda and Jon both work with the church planting efforts of HBAid.

They write – First Fruits

We recently had the joy of visiting a small church in the Hungarian countryside. The congregation was warmhearted and generous. Many people shared touching testimonies of God’s faithfulness during times of persecution. They invited us to a meal after the worship and the fellowship was wonderful. As if they hadn’t done enough, they sent us home with a trunk full of fresh fruits and vegetables. We had come to share hope and encouragement, yet we left spiritually full and with a lot of delicious food.

This reflects much of our ministry experience so far in Hungary. We have been blessed with kindness and hospitality. It is hard to believe that next month will mark the end of our first year. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve Christ here and are now seeing fruit. Amanda is teaching at the Talent Elementary School. Her students eagerly anticipate their English lessons. Jon is serving with the Baptist church in Debrecen. He looks forward to assisting in church planting and more outreach ministries. People are searching for hope and life in Jesus.

The children are doing well in Hungarian schools. Rachel is practicing the guitar and enjoys biking to school. Sarah is studying German and also loves to bike. Elizabeth has made many new friends and is practicing for a school dance recital. Andrew is able to speak Hungarian with his classmates and is always ready to play a game of chess.


We are thankful for your continued support and prayer. Here are some of our prayer requests. Please pray…

Proverbs encourages us to honor the Lord with our first fruits. We praise the Lord for this fertile season of preparation and for your partnership in the gospel. We anticipate that God will continue to do great things in Hungary.