Posted on November 20, 2022 Praise God for the NBCC successful celebration of 150 years of Christianity in Nagaland

Praise God for the NBCC successful celebration of 150 years of Christianity in Nagaland

Benjamin Chan

November 20, 2022



The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has concluded the two-day celebration of 150 years of Christianity in Nagaland in Kohima on November 19-20, 2022. The programs were alive streamed in two TV channels through which participants in the capital city and around the world might experience the vibrate worship and music presentation, and learn from the Naga story and the powerful messages from local and international speakers. I am most touched by the Naga joyful spirit and their steadfast commitment to Christian faith despite all kinds of difficulties facing their communities and churches. One of the speakers Professor Alongla Aier provided an answer, “There is power in the retelling of story.” Yes, our Naga friends keep retelling the stories of how American Baptist missionary Edward Clark and Assamese evangelist Gudhola Brown brought the gospel to Nagaland in 1872; how their fore-fathers and mothers spread the gospel from one tribe to another other; how they say no to corruption and harassment and sacrificially pursue reconciliation, peace and justice; how the Nagaland Baptist Church Council provides pastoral care to Naga people in other parts of India and globally, and how the Nagaland Mission Movement coordinates the sending of Naga missionaries to preach the gospel internationally.  Equally important is that this Naga story has shown that Christ is alive in the past 150 years in India, and Naga Christians have become a vital member of the Baptist World Alliance and global ecumenical network. I invite you to have a glimpse of celebration from the following postings as NBCC releases more information of this historic and joyful event, including a new covenant to advance ten areas of mission,

*Benjamin Chan Facebook – pictures and videos of the two-day celebration

*Nagaland Baptist Church Council Celebration Opening Service on Nov 19, 2022 (1:25:20)

* Nagaland Baptist Church Council Celebration Closing Service on Nov 20, 2022 (2:34:26)

Taku Longkumer brought greetings at 37:20; Ben Chan brought greetings via video message at 43:40