Gifts that produce life income [Charitable Gift Annuities]

One of the ways to further the work of global mission that you support today is by planning your giving for the future. IM’s professional development team is available to assist you and answer your questions. Meet the development team and IM’s donor advisors.

Gifts that produce life-income are known as Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs)

A CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY is an arrangement between a donor and a nonprofit organization in which you receive fixed payments for life, based on the value of assets you transfer, your age, and does not depend on future changes in interest rates.

Many IM donors like to set up several charitable gift annuities over several years for these three reasons.
1. Bypass gains
2. Produce life income
3. Give to charity.

Charitable Gift Annuities for International Ministries are through a written agreement administered by the American Baptist Foundation (ABF).

Learn more, including sample rates (download)

Testimony from IM annuitants (download)

We would be happy to serve you and discuss other ways to plan wisely and to steward the financial resources God entrusted to you:

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS allow you and your family to receive investment income and make a gift of the remainder to IM.

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUSTS enable you to make a gift of investment income first for a fixed number of years, after which the principal amount reverts to you or your loved ones.

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