Posted on July 5, 2019 Over the top!

July/August: These are months for our starting and commissioning anniversaries with the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. These months mark our 19th year of service and we start our #20. In July we rejoice with the Global Baptist Peace Conference in Cali, our 31st anniversary of meeting each other, and Carlos’ birthday! In August we rejoice with Alberto’s birthday, our first visit to The Guajira to meet our Wayuu indigenous siblings, and the Mission Lectureship in Puerto Rico! Lots to celebrate and look forward to…

Because we have been and will be quite busy, this year we will be sharing our news every other month. We covet your prayers for us, as we pray for you continually, even though our journals will be sent differently. If we can squeeze an extra edition in between, we will. Be sure to stay tuned to our FB page (BGs Et Al) where we share news of our ministry more frequently.

As we look forward to these main events coming up, we can only envision our ability to participate in them through the full support of our loving, strong network of siblings and churches. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support are vital for our continuity. As of today, the support tracking system our mission society uses indicates that we are at 100% of support pledged. This means a few things:

1) That we are in the “green” zone within ABFMS’ parameters.

2) That we can count on 100% of the current 100% budgeted needs required for our sustainability in ministry in Colombia.

3) That we will pray for God to provide beyond the current 100% so we can anticipate and fulfill our required personal support with the upcoming mission support services (MSS) increases as of October 1st, 2019.

This is very good news. We are grateful for moving us from yellow to green since we moved to Colombia last September. We’d like to highlight the enormous effort from our Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico who continue rebuilding, restoring, and renewing while going on the double with their missionary commitment and support to each of us. We are grateful to each ABCUSA region that joined this effort standing in the gap on our behalf in this process. Our God is faithful, merciful, and generous… To Him all the glory…

Looking forward to the rest of this year and preparing for the next fiscal year 2019-2020, starting October 1st and for the next two years, we face a significant challenge… Along with all of our colleagues, we are each being asked to raise a larger part of the total support of each global servant unit–a 100% of a larger personalized support goal. There will also be the need for gifts in place of those who have passed away or can no longer support us. You have blessed us by your past and current support. Some ways we covet your support for us now are:

1) First and foremost, your prayers.

2) Secondly, increasing your own level of financial support, if you’re able, and

3) Thirdly, sharing about us with your friends and family members, inviting them to join our network of support by giving regularly in support of our ministry in Colombia and the Iberoamerica and the Caribbean region.

Here is a direct link to a site where you and others can safely and directly make such a commitment: Link to support the BGs and global servants. THANK YOU and may the Lord bless and multiply His blessings on you for your commitment to Him… For more detail information about the upcoming changes, please follow this link to our executive director’s explanation: Rev. Sharon T. Koh’s letter

2000-2019, your BGs at His service and yours

Please keep us in your prayers as we join 400 siblings in Cali for the Global Baptist Peace Conference (July 15-20), celebrate 31 years of the day we met (July 27), and Carlos’ birthday (July 30). We are looking forward to Alberto’s birthday (August 3), meeting our Wayuu indigenous siblings in The Guajira (August 4-6), and the Mission Lectureship in Puerto Rico (August 30-31). Having a full house throughout the Summer has been a blessing. We prepare to send Alberto and Carolina off to their next semesters in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, respectively, while Daniela continues her high school homeschooling in Colombia. See why we covet your prayers!?! Only through prayers can we be and stay over the top!

Stretching toward the goal “over the top”, with love and our gratitude, your BGs Et Al

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