In July, 2023 I facilitated (together with pastors from different denominations and the ‘First Lady’ of Turkana County Mrs. Lilian) what we call an “open air” Peace Evangelism Campaign held at the Kainuk Trading Centre in the North Rift Region. The event brought together herders and warriors who are key in ensuring that peace is restored along the border of Pokot and Turkana counties. The goal of the event was to create awareness about restoring peace to this once troubled area, and developing a peace resolution created by interdenominational and peace committees from both tribes.

The Pokot and Turkana tribes have coexisted peacefully for the last five years, sharing limited resources across their borders without much difficulty. However, the political dynamics have changed and as the two pastoralist communities competed over resources, the traditional conflict resolution mechanisms were not working effectively. The proliferation of small arms and light weapons flowing through and across the porous international borders has complicated these matters that were once easily handled by village elders. Thus the dynamics of conflict have become more complex and violent in their frequency, fatality and intensity; five innocent villagers were recently killed in these attacks which including banditry, cattle stealing, and armed highway robbery.

The situation in the border areas became very tense and volatile due to previous attacks in both communities; there was a loss of life and property, closure of schools, health clinics and trading centers, displacement of people, and a disruption of livelihoods. Due to this insecurity, sick people experienced pain and some died without medication as their movements were limited. Pregnant women gave birth in their homes (sometimes losing the baby in the process) as no doctor/nurse could attend to them.

Their cries reached the throne of God, who anointed and commissioned His servants from both tribes. The tribal leaders responded to the scriptural faith (Matthew 5:9), reminding the pastors of their identity as the children of God through Christ (John 1:12), and their responsibility to be peace makers, who are blessed by God. Pastors, lay leaders and Christians from both tribes joined together for three days of prayer and fasting. Each person was equipped with scriptures that call for and encourage forgiveness and reconciliation (2Cor 5:18; Eph 4:32; Col 3:13).

After this three-day period of prayer and fasting, the multi-ethnic, multi-tribal Peace Evangelism Campaign was held at the Kainuk Trading Center. These activities resulted in a “Peace Restoration Declaration” where both tribes agreed to embrace forgiveness and reconciliation. Each leader held a stone as the symbolic covenant of holding and growing peace together.

This event began with God and ended with God’s victory – not just in the restoration of the peace, but also when 32 people decided to become followers of Jesus Christ! They were transformed from wrongdoers known as banditry warriors to becoming God’s children!  This act led to more joy not only in heaven (Luke 15:7), but also in and among the crowded tribes, reminding me of the two parables of the lost sheep and lost coin.

In both the story of the lost sheep and the story of the lost coin, something very valuable had been lost, and their owners searched diligently until they found it. And when they did, they not only rejoiced, but their friends and neighbors rejoiced also. They did not rejoice because they were surprised, but because a great victory has been won! Someone has been snatched from the jaws of Satan and death and hell. Indeed, Jesus’ words remind us of just how valuable we are to God, and how much He yearns for us to be with Him forever.

These stories encourage all of us to continue to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus over all conflicts, evil, death and hell. Join heaven in rejoicing for our 32 new brethren. And may we all shine as God’s lights in this world, steadfastly building peace in our families, our neighborhoods, our communities and the world.

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