Posted on December 6, 2016 Our God knows the future
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Greetings and love from us here in Tijuana, Mexico.

Ten months have passed since we came to serve at Deborah’s House. We have seen many families come and go. We have experienced some success, but also painful failures. We are still learning how to process those failures. The learning process is challenging and sometimes difficult, but if God is with us and called us to serve here, God will enable us to fulfill His mission. We are delighted to serve these families with respect and love and we are happy to show God’s love not only by words but through actions.

Last week, three families left the shelter. They decided to live together and help each other as they had learned to do in Deborah’s House. One of the families lived there for ten months. They found a job, a house next door to their work and a school for the children. The next door neighbor is a church called El Buen Camino, “The Good Way.” We trust that what they have learned at the shelter will help them for the rest of their lives. We believe that with God’s help and our continuing relationship, their lives will be transformed. They are special to us for many reasons and we pray for the best for each one of them. One thing is for sure, and that is they have experienced God’s love and special protection while they were in our shelter and will continue to experience that as they seek shelter in the arms of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. God knows their future and I believe it is going to be a good one.

On other matters, Moise and I are amazed about the thing God is doing in Tijuana. Years ago the chic theme among the nations was Globalization. The United States tried to have dollarization in all Latin American countries. As a matter of fact, in 2001 El Salvador was the only country that changed its currency from the colon to the dollar, and I witnessed that painful process. The European Union makes the Euro the currency of their countries and all the Powers of the World saw Globalization only in the economic sphere. After many years, God is teaching us through all the migrant movements happening around the world. What is the real meaning of globalization? What we are living here today is globalization from Gods perspective. It is a privilege to worship God with brothers, sisters and friends from other countries with different religious faith backgrounds such as Baptist, Adventist, Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Voodoo. They have different social backgrounds and life experiences and above all, different languages. Today we are speaking the language Jesus taught us, which is the language of love. We are preaching and teaching with actions what we have learned from our Lord and Savior. It is a joy which no words can describe what is happening today in Tijuana’s Baptist Churches and certainly, God is with us.

Psalm 139:3 assures us that God knows the future, it says, “For there is not a Word on my tongue. But behold, o Lord, you know it altogether.”

God knows the future… God knew that this massive migration was going to happen and he called us, Moise and I, to serve in Tijuana. Now we also know that we are here because God knew we could help the Baptist Churches of Tijuana at this moment in time. You should know that Moise Joseph, my husband is Haitian. He speaks French, Creole and English fluently and is in his third year of learning Spanish. He is a tremendous help as an interpreter and as someone that can listen, understand and calm people’s anxieties just because he can communicate with them. He also has a tremendous ability to listen and comfort them just by being present there.

A few weeks ago, before the Hurricane hit Haiti, Moise told me God has something big for us. He said, I don’t know what it is yet, but I know something is going to happen. Now we know and we have said, here we are God, use us. We have been working with Iglesia Bautista Emanuel almost since they opened the doors of the church to receive the migrants. They have received people from Haiti, Iraq, Cameroon, Syria, Sudan, Congo, Ghana and South Africa. The four languages Moise speaks are very much needed and I also speak Spanish, English and Creole so God is using us in ways we never expected. To God be the Glory!

As you can imagine we are in a tremendous need of help. So far we have five churches serving as shelters and we are serving more than three hundred migrants. The churches are receiving some help from the government, but it is not enough. If churches from USA and Puerto Rico wants to help in this effort with any kind of monetary offering that will be a great blessing. If there is some extra money the pastors dealing with this crisis can receive, that will be wonderful. This situation is expected to last until February or March of next year so we certainly need your help. You can do it through International Ministries by sending specifics to help with the migration crisis at the Tijuana, Mexico Border.

Brothers and Sisters, if you want to come and witness what God is doing here you are more than welcome to visit. Please keep in touch and keep us in your prayers.

With love and joy,
Deliris and Moise