Posted on November 4, 2016 On the Road: Part 1
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Lynette and I have been on the road to raising our ministry support.  Some of you may not understand the “NEW” reasoning for each missionary raising their own support.  International Ministries assists new missionaries in developing a budget for the exact cost of their ministry; that budget is then broken down in to a monthly Personalized Support Goal (PSG) and the missionary is then called to raise support for this monthly amount in monthly, quarterly or annual pledges so that International Ministries can underwrite the actual costs of the ministry.  This new format is sustainable and fiscally responsible for International Ministries so that they do not put themselves in a budget deficit situation.  Over the next several months Lynette and I plan to share with you some stories and lessons we have learned along this road to reaching 100% funding.

I have been most looking forward to our deputation and fundraising portion of the process of becoming a missionary because I look at this challenge as an opportunity to; share our Testimony, develop friendships,  and create a network of partners that God has called to come along side Lynette and I as we enter this new area of ministry.

The story I am going to share with you today is from a recent trip to speak with churches, small groups and pastors from Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We were blessed to be able to stay at the International Ministries “Mission House” in Collegeville, PA where we were hosted by Herb and Bernice Rogers.  This amazing resource offered us a place to rest between speaking engagements and a place for our boys to run around and play which is much better and less expensive than being cooped up in a hotel room.  Bernice was able to arrange for us to have dinner on Friday with the new Executive Director Sharon Koh.

Since Sharon is new to her position I was excited to have a meal with her and spend some time to get to know each other a little better, but the in hind sight God had a much more in mind for this meeting.  We sat and had a wonderful meal and dessert at the mission house, conversing about ministries around the world, problems missionaries are encountering and emerging ministry needs that come from displaced people groups.

After we were finished with dinner Sharon took the time to play and talk with Ricky and Calen.  This allowed me to see a new side of our new Executive Director.  Not only did she want to get to know Lynette and I, she had a desire and presence of mind to move from the dinner table and “Adult” conversation to living room floor at the level of my boys.  Her genuine heart to love and care for my children extended further than just being polite and doing what is expected to actually talking with them about what is going on in their lives.  It was nearing bed time for our boys so Sharon asked to read Calen a good night story,  with Calen climbing up on Sharon’s lap he peacefully sat and listened as Sharon went page by page, comforting and stimulating the imagination of my child.

Looking back at this simple dinner meeting I am so thankful that we are associated with International Ministries.  Without the method of personalized support, we wouldn’t have been in Eastern Pennsylvania and we wouldn’t have had this impromptu dinner with Sharon.  Without this dinner meeting I would not have been able to see firsthand how passionate, caring and focused the new leadership is on the entire missionary unit, including the kids.  This is just another affirmation that International ministries will continue to focus on the well being of missionary kids under the new leadership of Sharon Koh.

Thank-you so much for your support of our ministry and our journey to get to Haiti, would you consider becoming one of our monthly partners or would you like to hear more about our ministry?

-Brian Smith