Posted on February 26, 2020 Nzunga’s Feb 12th 2020 Update
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. We are back into our daily routine and our daily business. For the last three days of this past week, KIhomi became our Santa Claus sharing her love to sick and elderly shuts in. She brings with her clothes, blankets, rice, dried and salted fish, beans and diapers/depends. Those visits are very uplifting to all of us, but specially to those persons she visits.

In general, many people are really suffering from hunger. International organizations that help people with food are giving a dark figure of famine.

Our university officially opened the second semester this Monday February 11, with a big prayer service. The student attendance was very low. Many have not yet returned to the campus. For many the money is the real issue.

All schools in the country are back in full session.

The eye clinic continues its ministry to the voiceless and the poor in our society. We are now training a lady nurse From Fort-Liberte city to be screening patients there before the doctor can see them.

Thank you for praying for the lasting peace in our country.

In Haiti,

Nzunga & Kihomi

Dear Supporters,

The events of the past few months have drained everyone of money and even worse, hope. Trying to find the basic needs of life and then having the money to purchase them, if found, is a daily grind. It wears you down, both body and spirit. Please pray for lasting peace, less inflation, and renewed supplies of food and fuel.

Peace be with you,

Denny Shewell – MPT Communications Advocate & Convener


Diana Peysha – Prayer Advocate

Terry Bivens – Missions Involvement Energizer

Les Roberson – Specific Needs Advocate

Charles Newman – Financial Advocate