Posted on December 17, 2020 Nzunga Preaches at Scottsdale FBC
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. This last Sunday of November 2020, we worshiped with our beloved brothers and sisters at Scottsdale First Baptist Church in Scottsdale, Arizona where we brought the word of God from Mathew 14-22-33. My subject was Fixing our eyes on Jesus. The exterior conditions of our time can easily distract us, bringing us into despair which in turn can lead us to lose our focus. Peter lost his walk on water when he looked at the wind instead of focusing on Jesus, the Master.

We visited this church for first time in 2014 or 15 when we went to meet missionary Glen Chapman from Congo, DRC who was speaking there. Kihomi spoke there to a group of women years later. It was at this church that we recorded our virtual presentation for the World Mission Conference 2020. About 2 weeks ago we were there sharing at a women prayer meeting.

Scottsdale Baptist Church is interesting to us because that is where Mrs. & Mr. Gordon Lois Bottmiller are still members since 1972. The Bottmillers were my first missionaries contact when I started my Junior Hi at Kikongo. They were my professors and Junior Hi principal. The first day of class, Tata Bottmiller gave to all his students close to 20 new books each and a book or two for all the subjects. For a village boy, those books scared me to death. I spent the first week admiring the beauty of all my brand-new books and the pictures inside instead of reading them. The Bottmillers, along the future missionaries I met in high school shaped my future.

Kikongo as a mission station has a unique importance in the life of the Nzunga family. It was at Kikongo I met the first missionaries. It was here at Kikongo that I was the only student admitted to Kimpese for my high school. Kimpese at the time was what is Havard university in the world today.   Because of high cost of studies at Kimpese, I missed being part of elite of that time.  It was here at Kikongo that God called me into the pastoral ministry. Thus, Kikongo is a SACRED PLACE for the Nzunga family. It was at Kikongo that the Executive Board of our denomination decided to send me in 1981 right after my studies in the States. I refused then- sorry. It is finally from Kikongo that the Nzunga packed their suitcases for Haiti after two fruitful ministries.

To preach at Scottsdale First Baptist Church was to reconnect with our past history.

All praises be to God.

Yours in Haiti,


Nzunga & Kihomi.


Dear supporters,

It is interesting how god works in our lives, directing to what He wants us to do.  The American Baptists who ran the schools in the Congo as he was growing up had a big influence.  The Bible details how God spoke to Moses, Paul and others to fulfil His purposes.  I believe He still does that today and Nzunga is a good example.  What a tremendous force for God the Nzunga’s are as they answered the call.  Are we listening? Do we have eyes to see and ears to hear?  Or as one famous Christian writer said, are we going to church, singing some songs, and trying not to cuss.


Stay faithful during this time of uncertainty.




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