Posted on September 20, 2018 Now We Are Rich!
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In response to a fishing story written earlier in the year, a retired pastor from Indianapolis sent a fishing pole and tackle for me to give to the fisherman. I have looked in vain for him… but today saw the son fishing in his small pirogue. He told me that his father has prostate cancer and has not been able to get out in the boat.

I passed along the fishing gear, and he will take it to his father. It will be especially dear to him because he can fish from the edge of the lake.

Upon receiving the items, his words were, “Now we are rich!” As he paddled off, he asked God’s blessing on the American pastor. It was quite touching. A blessing to him and his father, and a blessing to me to see his smile and know that the gift will make a difference.

With love and joy,

Ann and Bill