Posted on February 20, 2019 New Project in ZIMBABWE: STEP AFRICA CHILDREN of PEACE

Lance Muteyo recently reported from ZIMBABWE:

I am in a village called Gambiza Chiwundura for the STEP AFRICA program.  I am meeting kids for the first time for whom we are paying school fees, providing uniforms and economic development projects for the families.  The village is 300 km from Harare where I stay.  I reached there safely despite the bad road.  We are having so much fun with the kids, guardians and volunteers.

MINGLE MINGLE is a high energy game to build trust and get participants involved in working together!

A chicken incubator and egg project was started by a volunteer coordinator.  STEP AFRICA CHILDREN OF PEACE will support the project by expanding sales to urban markets and providing technical assistance.  Funds generated will make it possible for families to eventually afford tuition, and we can phase out the program at that time.

ZIMBABWE recently went through economic upheaval resulting in 100,000 percent inflation.  As you can imagine, food and fuel are expensive beyond reach for the majority of the population.   Sending children to school is impossible for many.  This project makes all the difference to the families. Even though the project does not specifically address health issues, this Mom reports that the children become healthier, just by attending school!

We have projects in 2 other countries:  D R CONGO and BURUNDI.  The project started when Sango Shila and Ildephonse Niyokindi approached Sharon Buttry in Egypt in 2017 about their experience as children affected by war.  Ildephonse was strapped to his Mom’s back at age 2 when she was struck down by soldiers and died.  Both men wanted to help children who are vulnerable to the effects of war and displacement.  Their heartbeat is to help children to have a fair chance in life.

You can learn more about the STEP AFRICA CHILDREN OF PEACE at:

You can give online and pray for this project.  You can help us find VBS, Men’s and Women’s groups and monthly supporters to reach our goals.  And special thanks to all our donors — please listen to the videos and hear THANK YOU from these wonderful children and families!

Submitted by Sharon Buttry, Global Consultant for Community Transformation

International Ministries