Posted on June 23, 2020 New Life Center Website Launch
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April 2020

Happy Easter!  At the New Life Center, we have been hard at work over the last year to develop a new website and it just went live!  The website reflects our strategic priorities for the coming decade.  We will continue providing comprehensive care for survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking and we will continue our longstanding anti-trafficking efforts.  Additionally, we are launching new programming to support families and local village communities by providing social work support, counseling, therapeutic art, and training in topics such as the principles of personal finance, public health & hygiene, and positive parenting.  This will take place through outreach from our new learning and consultation center.  It is our goal to reunify survivors and at-risk youth with extended family as much as possible, but in order to do that safely and responsibly, many of their families need follow-up support and training to address systemic social problems and strengthen local communities.  You can check out our new website at: