Posted on August 29, 2023 New country, New Mission
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greetings. This past Friday August 11, 2023, we left our house early to go to Villa Altagracia about 2.5 hours away.  We had our retreat, and it was the most blessed one. Friday upon our arrival we all went to visit the land that our sister denomination here had just purchased. We planted many fruit trees.

The nights and days were all devoted to praying and following some teachings from a Canadian Pastor, Dr. Bill Dyck.

Villa Altagracia is a small village type of place, a refuge for many Haitian immigrants with no legal papers. Here they tell me that they have many Haitians who need Shepherds. People at the retreat think that God is answering their concerns.

The retreat place has a small one-bedroom apartment they would like to finish for us to move in. We are excited about moving to the countryside. Another part of our job will be to help develop the newly acquired land for a youth camp.

Please keep praying for us.

In DR,


Nzunga & Kihomi



Dear Supporters,

New country, New church, New Mission.

Amazing how God answers prayer with the right people at the right time.  Haitians in the DR who need a shepherd and someone who understands their way of life.  The next journal will explain more what is happening here.

In His Name.

Dennis Shewell and the MPT team