Posted on June 27, 2022 “My Helping Hands” – Mission Partnership Team (MPT)
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In my preparation for the new ministry as Global Consultant for Theological Education that God has called me into, the following persons have agreed to be my “Helping Hands” and will serve on my Missionary Partnership Team (MPT). They are Rev. Dr. David H. Yu (NJ), Rev. Dr. Binu Thomas (NY), Dr. Carol Schreck (PA), Wendy Bernard (NV), Rev. Dr. David Owens (PA), and Rev. Dr. Wung Valui (CA).

What is a Missionary Partnership Team (MPT)?
This team comprises a group of people personally invited by a global servant to serve as the “core” of their larger network.

MPTs have two primary responsibilities:

1. To support their IM global servant
2. To assist the global servant in building a network of individuals, groups and churches who will provide adequate spiritual, relational, administrative and financial support for their ministry.

Building the Mission Partner Network (MPN) includes:

– Enlisting prayer supporters
– Representing the global servant at local church and regional functions
– Communicating the global servant’s news and needs with current and prospective MPN members
– Encouraging and facilitating involvement in the global servant’s ministry
– Encouraging individuals and churches to give personalized support to IM for the global servant’s ministry.

I am grateful to those who have agreed to serve with me. I look forward to how God is going to use and bless them in this calling as MPT members.

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