Posted on December 10, 2020 Multilingual Devotions

How can you be accompanied with God’s word while you serve cross-culturally alongside global servants or partners?

The Special Assistants and a few global servants who coordinate volunteers as part of their ministries, have written wonderful devotions for volunteers who register with STM. Being able to read reflections and prayers in English, Spanish or Burmese will contribute to the transformation happening in the lives of many volunteers.

Are YOU Listening? is a devotional booklet accompanying its readers while serving cross-culturally for 12 days. Whether you speak English, Spanish or Burmese, you will find a reflection in your heart language. The PDF version can be downloaded from the IM website. Go to GLOBAL MISSION, then click on SERVE and click on Begin exploring steps to short-term mission service. You will see a plethora of resources and materials to prayerfully guide you on the journey.


Karen’s Stories for God’s Glory is a devotional booklet created by Tansy Kadoe, with reflections in English and Karen covering the months of January through April, 2021.

The sun is shining brightly for thousands of humble Karen ethnic group in Burma (now Myanmar) in what has become, since the end of WWII, the longest running civil war. They have witnessed their homes burned and means of livelihood destroyed. Many immigrated to America and other freedom loving countries and have rebuilt their physical lives at the cost of emotional and spiritual hardships. Longing to give voice to their experiences, Karen people now have that opportunity through a series of daily devotions in  Karen Stories for God’s Glory, published by Karen Baptist Churches (KBCUSA). Through its pages, God offers meaning and healing to those who have shared their stories, and to those who step into these moments of sharing.

Please check out a short video about the book:  

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May God continue to richly bless his/her servants.