October 4, 2017 Congo – Mitendi Primary School Annual Fund
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Education Education
GoalThe goal of this project is to provide quality education in a Christian context to keep children out of gang-life, away from prostitution and prepare them for an abundant life.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $38,823 annually in order to provide yearly scholarships for 200 students, plus maintenance and repairs at the Mitendi Primary School in Congo.
DescriptionPrior to the opening of the Mitendi Primary School, the Congolese Baptist Women’s Association counted more than 1,000 children in the immediate area who had no access to education. These children are the future of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but without an education, they are destined for gang-life, prostitution and other destructive means to survive. The women couldn’t ignore this catastrophe waiting to happen, and began teaching the children using 3 rooms at the Mitendi Women’s Center. In 2019 construction began on a primary school building that will handle 700 students. However, the majority of Mitendi families are refugees from other parts of Congo. They have no income and cannot pay the necessary school fees. The Mitendi Primary School Annual Fund provides scholarship for 200 students, plus $5,000 annual for teach support, school supplies and building maintenance. The project total cost is $226,470 for three years, or $38,823 per year.
Suggested Gifts$1,000 will provide 7 students with scholarships, plus some teach support for a year. $5,000 will provide teach support and maintenance for a year. $10,000 will provide scholarships for 71 students for a year.
Prayer RequestsPrayerfully consider being a supporter of this fund so that children who would not otherwise have access to an education will be able to attend school and have a chance at a better future.
Managed ByKaren Smith