Posted on May 10, 2022 Mission is for all of Jesus’ followers

Mission is for all of Jesus’ followers

Benjamin Chan

May 9, 2022


I am sharing with you my article which is posted in the IM OnLine Issue 54 May 2022. ( Welcome your feedback and prayer for David Wong and Sharon Yu. See picture of David and his wife Kathy at the top, and Sharon and her faither Hojin after the text.

There is a continuing effort throughout church history that Christian ministry and mission is not the property nor privilege of a small class of believers, but God’s call to all of Jesus’ followers to participate in the fulfillment of God’s kingdom on earth. The development of the last several decades has affirmed that mission is no longer from the North to South and from the West to the East, but from, to, and within the six continents (Dr. Ray Bakke), and global mission is from everywhere to everyone (Dr. Samuel Escobar).

Back in 2004, Rev. David Wong was retiring from his ministry at the Zion Chinese Baptist Church in Los Angeles, which he founded. Since David has been helping International Ministries (IM) with our mission connection in Mainland China, I approached him and asked about his retirement plan. “My wife, Kathy, and I will go to China and see how God may use us,” David replied. Our conversation led to the appointment of David as IM volunteer Special Assistant for China Relations in April 2004.

David has played a very important role in strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation among churches and Christian organizations in China. In addition to providing pastoral care and preaching upon request, David has started church building construction and rural pastors’ support programs that have benefited hundreds of churches and pastors in China. “Jesus loves China, my home country, and I am so joyful and privileged to share Jesus’ love with my fellow Chinese people,” he says. David, at the age of 84, just extended his term of volunteer service with IM.

Rev. Hojin Yu, my volunteer Special Assistant for Korea Relations, has worked with me on inviting South Korean church leaders and young people to visit and learn about American Baptist work in the U.S. During the visit, I noticed that a cheerful young girl was actively helping translation and meeting logistics. I asked Hojin about her, and Hojin replied with a smile, “She is my daughter, Sharon. She will help us with the planning of IM’s South Korea mission trip as well.” Sharon became my volunteer Student Assistant, the first one of this status in IM.

I become even more impressed with Sharon after seeing her enthusiastic involvement in the South Korea trip orientation. Then, on the trip, in addition to making arrangements and helping with translation, Sharon was able to resolve unexpected problems, and to make quick and right decisions for the best outcome. Sharon contributed tremendously to strengthening the mutual understanding and respect among participants from the two countries. As Sharon applies to college, I believe whatever she pursues, she will bless her sphere of influence.

There is no longer ordained or lay, senior or youth, male or female, for all of us are one in Jesus’ team for the Kingdom Mission.