April 17, 2020 Latin America – Migrant Ministry, A Mile in their Shoes
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Immigrants and Refugees Immigrants and Refugees
GoalThe goal is to raise $176,475 over three years or $58,825 each year to provide food, water, upgrading facilities and utilities, educational materials, teaching support, trauma and capacity building workshops, sleeping materials and personal hygiene items.
SummaryThis project seeks to provide shelter, hydration, nutrition, medical care, pastoral accompaniment, legal aid, elementary education and human rights orientation for migrants, seeking immigration and asylum in distressed situations surrounding 10 migrant shelters in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Central America.
DescriptionOur partners in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Central America are pressed to find resources to minister to displaced people in need of shelter and care. The funds that our partners are raising within their own countries cannot meet the growing needs of the expanding migrant populations. The goal of this project is to support 10 migrant shelters that will provide food, shelter, practical and personal items for families, education for children, and offer workshops to equip the shelter’s staff members in offering trauma care. This project will give our partner organizations financial help to install shower facilities, and give migrants basic food and water support along the journey in order to respond to unique and personal needs as they arise.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $10,000 could construct a new building with dorm space and appliances for an existing shelter. A gift of $5,000 could provide food and cover utilities at 1 shelter for 30-50 people for a year. A gift of $1,000 could purchase beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets for 20 people.
Prayer RequestsPray for the 25 million refugees and additional 65 million internally displaced people who are fleeing violence, persecution or natural disasters. Pray for the migrants who seek asylum in other countries and just want to find a home.
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