April 27, 2018 Mexico – School Uniforms and Books
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide books and school uniforms for 100 children in Tijuana, Mexico.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $23,520 each year to help students with learning needs and disabilities to be prepared for school.
DescriptionIn the very poor area of Tijuana, Mexico, there are many children with financial needs, older children who have never had the opportunity to receive an education, and children with special needs. However, the families in this area of Tijuana struggle to pay for the required school uniform, books and supplies that the children need to thrive at school. Centro Pedagogico Didaque is a Baptist grade school that focuses on reaching out to and educating all of these children. All the children are given the chance to learn and grow to the best of their ability, to accept and support differences, and to have faith and hope for their future. This combination will help them contribute greatly to their community as they become adults. Each year the school hopes to provide scholarship to 100 students in the community. A $235 scholarship provides one child with their school uniform and books. IM global servant, Patti Long, has dedicated her ministry to seeking scholarship support for the children and she created a program for children with special needs. The project total cost is $70,559 for three years or $23,520 per year.
Suggested Gifts$235 provides one child with a school uniform and books for classes. $1,175 will provide scholarships for 5 students. $5,875 will provide scholarships for 10 students. $11,750 will provide scholarships for 50 students.
Prayer RequestsPray that the school uniforms and books are a tangible reminder of God's love for each child.
Managed ByLong, Patti & Tim