May 10, 2022 Mexico – Multipurpose Center for Migrants
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GoalThe goal of this project is to meet the needs of migrants in Tijuana by providing temporary shelter and resources for educating children, language acquisition, computer skills training, and more.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $254,260 in two years in order to begin receiving migrants into a rented and furnished multipurpose center that provides services to help them build a new life in Tijuana.
DescriptionAccording to a U.S. Border report, Tijuana received about 200 Haitians daily seeking asylum in 2021. Many do not speak Spanish--one of their biggest struggles upon arrival. The Baptist Convention in Mexico and local pastors believe that having a place to receive these brothers and sisters is an urgent need in this community. A multipurpose center will acclimate migrants to the culture of Tijuana. This will empower them not to get trapped by prostitution, and/or drug and human trafficking. It will address the immediate holistic needs that migrants have in order to understand the opportunities to build a life in Tijuana. This includes: • Psychosocial care and education for children • English language training for adults and children • Resource migrants about their rights and responsibilities in Mexico, especially related to their legal status and employment • Provide basic computer skill training • As needed, provide temporary shelter when there is an influx of migrants into the community. This project will seek to work with migrants who are intending to build a life for themselves and their families in Tijuana. All migrants---regardless of country of origin--will be served. This project will also help the Baptist Churches that are committed to help the migrants by providing financial support to those churches and enable migrants to move from the church-based temporary shelter to more permanent living and working arrangements. The project total cost is $254,260 for two years.
Suggested Gifts$125 - $200 pays for 1 month’s hospitality & cleaning supplies, office supplies, or the operating expenses for a vehicle (insurance, gas, repairs). $500 buys provide toys, crayons, and children’s books. $750 provides appliances at the center. $1,000 supports 3 Baptist churches that provide food and shelter to migrants. $5,000 provides the salaries of 6 teachers, a psychologist, and a lawyer for 2 months. $10,000 buys all of the furnishings and equipment to outfit the center. $25,500 buys a pickup truck.
Prayer RequestsPray for the migrants who want a chance for a better life outside their beloved country. Pray that the gifts and talents of migrants will benefit the community. Thank God for how gracious the Mexican government has been in allowing the migrants to stay for one year, and then renew their paperwork. Pray for the committed Baptist churches, who have been helping migrants since 2016.
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