October 16, 2017 Mexico – Hot Meals for Children in Tijuana
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GoalThe goal of this project in Tijuana, Mexico is to provide a nutritious, hot meal for 100 children with special needs each school day during the school year.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $35,294 annually to improve children's nutrition to help them grow and greatly increase their capacity for learning in school.
DescriptionIn Tijuana, Mexico, many children come from homes with very limited financial resources. One or both parents are working, and the parents live with the financial stress that they cannot be at home to prepare meals for their children. The Baptist Grade School in Tijuana is addressing the need for better nutrition for students. Their Hot Meals project provides a hot meal each day of the school year which, for many of the children, is the only nutritious meal they may have. Children who have good nutrition, are healthier and learn better. Without these important meals, the children do not thrive. A scholarship of $353 will provide hot meals for a child every school day throughout the school year. This help greatly impacts their families. Seeing the positive results of the children being healthier and happier is a real blessing. The project cost is $35,294 per year.
Suggested Gifts$353 will feed a child a hot meal every school day for the entire school year. $1,059 will feed 3 children every school day. $3,530 will feed 10 children for the entire school year. $5,000 will feed 14 children a hot meal each school day. $10,000 will feed 28 children for the entire school year.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with Patti Long and the staff of the Baptist Grade School that all children at the school will be able to eat a nutritious hot meal every day.
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