Posted on February 25, 2020 Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

How can we encourage people to delve deeply into the Bible in a way that helps God speak into their lives? How can churches create an environment that brings people closer to Jesus and emboldens them to live out their faith at home, with friends, in the workplace, and with the forgotten ones who often are at the periphery of our everyday lives? Tools to Equip and Empower (TEE), a global movement we cooperate with, responds to these needs.

Ann and the team from “TEE Aotearoa – te Hapori Akonga” (Learning in Community) recently conducted group leader trainings with churches on the North and South Islands of New Zealand to help them “make disciples who make disciples.” We are beginning to see fruit as new TEE groups spring up in local churches, especially in multi-ethnic church settings.

The feedback from one participant, a business owner and educator, lifted our spirits: “This [group leaders’] course is quite different from the traditional lecture-response type approach to Bible study and theological education that I remember. The TEE methodology is all about self-discovery, repetition, facilitated discussion and practical application – which is completely in alignment with cutting-edge adult learning theory. The course is right on the spot for how people learn and retain and get excited about things.”

Thank you for enabling us to be a part of this movement in New Zealand, Cambodia and other countries. Together we are building up the Body!

Ann and Bruce

Praises and prayers