May 13, 2021 Lott Carey NAAMC Scholarship
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GoalThe goal of this project is to support the Lott Carey NAAMC (National African American Missions Council) Scholarship to be awarded to a Black missionary candidate in July 2021, July 2022 and July 2023 to serve in his/her ministry field.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $5,883 in order to provide an annual award of $1,600 to Black missionaries fundraising support so that they can begin their term of service overseas.
DescriptionThe Lott Carey scholarship is in memory of Lott Carey, who was appointed by the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions in 1819 to serve as a missionary to Liberia. Lott Carey was the first Black missionary appointed by International Ministries. Every July the National African American Missions Council selects a Black missionary candidate to receive this award and assist with financial costs at the beginning of his/her term of service overseas. Black missionaries face great challenges to secure on-going committed funding to support cross-cultural ministry. NAAMC scholarships are a realistic way for sending agencies like IM, to come alongside and support a current Black missionary candidate while honoring a former Black missionary. This project will continue to strengthen the partnership between NAAMC and IM, as both agencies strive to make greater efforts to financially support Black missionaries and lessen fundraising challenges.
Prayer RequestsPray how you and your church might support Black missionaries as they respond to God’s call to serve cross-culturally overseas.
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