Posted on December 1, 2020 Lighting The Way

Where are the Trailblazers’ lights shining in the midst of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus?

Here are up-dates from Leta Williams and Anthony Ratzel aka Mr & Mrs. Resolve and from Kadie Henry:

Leta and Anthony say: “Postponing our travel to Hungary did not prevent us from being in fellowship with missionary friends Jon and Amanda Good, as well as the many students and friends that they have ministered to. Once a week, we have the privilege of being virtual small group leaders. Until recently, we were able to serve in this capacity for virtual participants while the majority of students participated in person. With the recent lockdown in Hungary, everyone has been restricted to their homes, and everyone has been participating virtually in the weekly Bible study! Amanda does well to keep everyone sorted in their small groups and connected in general – this is especially vital for such a time as this! Jon consistently offers a profound, yet practical message from our scripture of study. We went through the entire book of Acts together, and just this week, we began with the first chapter of John’s gospel (You could say that John’s gospel helps Jon share the gospel!). Week after week, we as small group leaders are learning so much from our group members’ insights – if it weren’t for being in the upside down kingdom, it would usually be the other way around! To be able to pray for people around the world – six or more hours apart – we have found how profoundly similar and connected God has created each one of His children. We are so grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and discover through all God is doing in Debrecen and beyond.
We all found lights to go with our reading of John 1! Can you find one?

Kadie reports: “This year has been one of growth. I like to call this year the year of having an open hand with God. So often, I find myself wanting to know all of the details of what is to come next in life. God has reminded me time and time again that I have nothing to fear, and even brought new opportunities that may not have ever been available if it wasn’t for Covid-19. With plans for a short-term mission trip to Spain canceled, I was connected with Ketly Pierre in the Dominican Republic to lead a virtual discipleship group of young adult Haitian immigrants who are also new Christians. Throughout the months of October and November, we met on a regular basis to study the “Fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23) together and share real-life testimonies with one another. I spoke in English, while Ketly translated to Haitian Creole and Spanish.

In a recent conversation I had with Ketly, she mentioned that the best discipleship classes are ones where everyone grows fruit. This statement is very true in our classes.  A few weeks ago, the fruit of the spirit we focused on was peace. Our class was scheduled after daylight savings had occurred, and I had neglected to realize that the Dominican Republic doesn’t have daylight savings. I felt frazzled from an incident that had occurred at work, and now I was running late to class! Twenty minutes later when I was back home ready to begin class I told the students I needed to pray before I started to teach to release my distractions. I needed God’s peace to enter my heart. By the end of class, I felt completely calm and at peace. The students were able to physically see the power of the Holy Spirit working through me, and could relate to having the same feelings of stress and anxiousness as I had experienced in those moments. We all grew the fruit of peace from Ohio to the Dominican Republic and back.