November 13, 2023 Lebanon – Baggao & Chetti – INSAAF Center
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Immigrants and Refugees Immigrants and Refugees
GoalThe goal of this project is to support the classes, skills training and counseling for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon offered by the Insaaf Center.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $75,555 to $95,555 annually in order to fund the ministry of the Insaaf Center to assist migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.
DescriptionThe 250,000 migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Lebanon are on the fringe of society as they are not covered under Lebanese Labor laws. They are discriminated against, suffering from verbal, physical, economic and emotional abuse. They are victims of the Kafala system, a type of modern-day slavery, where private citizens have complete control over the employment and immigration status of MDWs. Unfortunately, the church has been absent in addressing these atrocities in Lebanon. The Insaaf Center is the only Protestant organization of its kind in Lebanon that is sharing the love of Christ with this vulnerable population. Since 2019, inflation has skyrocketed in Lebanon. The value of currency, savings and salaries have declined by a staggering 90%! This economic crisis means many Lebanese cannot pay their migrant workers. Inflation has impacted food and health care costs. The Insaaf Center provides food parcels with basic staple items for 120 of the neediest MDW families. Insaaf works with local clinics to access medicines that are withheld from MDWs at pharmacies. As the Lord provides, Insaaf also helps with more extensive medical conditions that require blood tests, MRIs and surgeries. Every week, Insaaf offers Bible study and prayer for women who also seek spiritual nourishment. The center provides practical skills offering classes in language, computers and being an entrepreneur hoping that the migrants will find meaningful work in their home countries when they return. The center also hosts health awareness sessions, assistance with repatriation and special counseling for the traumas these workers have or are facing. Thanks to God’s favor, the staff at Insaaf have been granted access to prisons all over Lebanon to visit incarcerated MDWs. The Insaaf Center provides holistic care, justice, hope and compassion., while ensuring the dignity of MDWs. The center is committed to imitating Jesus and promoting the values of God’s kingdom. Your financial support will sustain the vital ministries at the center and provide resources to meet the growing needs in the MDW community in Lebanon. The total cost for this project is $298,665 over 3 years. The cost varies from year to year as inflation in Lebanon continues to rise. Insaaf anticipates increases in rent & utilities, the cost of supplies, and salary increases. Thus, the first year’s expenses to operate the center could increase by $20,000 by the third year of the project.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $500 will repatriate one of the MDWs back to her home country. A gift of $500 will provide critical dental care for two MDWs. A gift of $1,000 will cover lab work or medical tests for 10 MDWs. A gift of $1,000 will help pay for medications for 20 MDWs for a year. A gift of $5,000 will pay the rent and most of the utilities to operate the center for one year. A gift of $5,000 will provide food parcels for 480 MDW families. This project is managed by Melanie Baggao & Sarah Chetti
Prayer RequestsPray that all those who come to Insaaf will experience the love and compassion of God through the services and care they receive. Pray as the Insaaf Center partners with Doctors Without Borders and other local clinics to provide critical medical help for women who have serious accidents and illnesses. Pray for the lawyers helping the children of MDWs with legal documents and securing IDs so they can eventually be repatriated to their home country. Pray for the MDWs who are imprisoned and waiting deportation.
Managed ByBaggao, Melanie