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“But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations” Psalm 33:11

Celebrating Our Students


          Eighteen migrant domestic workers completed the Arabic and Computer classes after a course of three months. We celebrated the occasion with a small party at the Center. We are grateful to our partner Monica Jubaily who funded the classes.




           Also, seven students from Nigeria, Sudan, and Syria completed the Soap Making class held during the month of June. The soaps they made will be sold in Lebanon and in the US later this year.


          Our students faithfully attended Arabic and Computer classes on Sunday afternoons for three months.

          Arabic Language and computer skills are two skills our MDWs want to learn to help them in the workplace and to give them skills for future employment apart from working as maids.





          Soap making is an income-generating skill. we are starting to teach at the Center in hopes to help our women earn some money to supplement their meager salaries.



Health Seminar


In June we welcomed back Dr. Jamila, a doctor from Nigeria, to lead a health seminar on diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension. We had 22 women come, representing four different countries. We gave participants blood pressure and blood sugar tests. We were also able to make appointments at out clinics for our MDW’.  Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension are health conditions many of our MDWs have but rarely do they see a doctor because of lack of access to medical care and ignorance.

Celebrating with Caritas Lebanon

Elma and I had the honor of being invited to the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration of CARITAS (Catholic Relief, Development and social service Organization), Lebanon. Insaaf has had a long-standing 18-year relationship with CARITAS since 2004. In 2018 Insaaf received a small donation from CARITAS, Austria for the Ministries to the Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon.



Prison Ministry

          Nilusha, an MDW in Tripoli, had for the first time in six years a lawyer go see her, hear her story go see her, hear her story and follow up her case.. I thank CLDH (Lebanese Center for Human Rights) for accepting my request to go to Tripoli and begin to process the case of Nilusha.

Prayer Needs

          We need to insure the Insaaf office, and its workers, the MDWs and their children who visit the Center. The annual cost of the insurance is $2300 dollars. We are praying that God would lead some individuals or churches to provide funds for this need.

Would you consider giving towards our insurance needs? If so, please email us at for more details.



We rejoice in the many varied ways God is using us to be His hands and feet to “the least of these” in Beirut at this time. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and for your generous giving!

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