Posted on October 25, 2020 Jae’s Ministry Update: “On the threshold of her adventure”
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Greetings friends,

For the month of October and part of November, our Jae will be in training for her work as a missionary. I am writing this month’s newsletter because this training demands her undivided time and attention. For 3 years, she has been jumping through hoops to be assigned as a missionary for the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, serving alongside with International Ministries. This she has done whole-heartedly and enthusiastically because of her great desire to serve God. As a member of her Missionary Partnership Team (MPT), I have been along side of her for this time.

It has been exciting and gratifying to see God’s hand in her achievement of one milestone after another until… Here she is!! On the threshold of her adventure. You, as supporters, are a HUGE part of this success. I hope you share in this sense of accomplishment.

What lies in store for her? What are God’s plans for Jae in Mexico? What stories will Jae have to tell as she witnesses God at work in Mexicali? It is thrilling to think of the mission’s outreach to remote churches in Mexico, who will Jae encounter in these settings? Don’t you know she is going to fed, encouraged and blessed as she shares her skills with others who are laboring in their own towns and villages to do God’s work with their people.

As her partners, we must pray continuously for Jae when she is serving because we know in all endeavors there are disappointments and discouragements. We must hold Jae up in prayer as Satan will put up resistance to God’s work. But our God is a mighty God and we are here to serve and glorify him. We will be part of Jae’s team by holding her up in prayer and as God directs, giving any other support we can.
When Jae asked me be part of her MPT, I agreed immediately. I did not realize the commitment I was making. To a greater extent, I think this is Jae’s experience also. She has known for years that she wished to be a missionary, God has been preparing her, building her faith and knowledge of him to serve. She came to Montana to care for her mother and father. Her father was injured in a fall and they needed her help. She left her home in North Carolina, willing to stay for an indefinite period of time. She decided to get a degree in computer networking while she was assisting her parents. Jae became active in the First Baptist Church in Billings. Pastor Ross Lieuallen saw something in Jae. He asked her if she would like to be a missionary and connected her to people within the denomination. In retrospect, it is apparent how each step has prepared her for the mission to which she has been called. Praise God!

Jae has been “suiting up” in her spiritual armor for her entire life and is ready to go be a solider in the God’s army. It is a battle for souls. It has been my privilege to witness God’s hand in her preparation to serve. We can all continue to support and encourage her as she completes the remaining trainings and raises the needed funds to be dispatched to her mission field. 100% funding is attainable in these last few months. Those of us who are giving financially must continue. If possible, raise our monetary gifts by a few dollars monthly. It adds up! In that way, our way, we are joining in God’s army.

May you all be blessed, your gifts sanctified to the great commission we are called to answer. My thanks for your dedication and generosity.

Yours in Christ,
Dolly NotAfraid, MPT – Communications