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Posted on August 22, 2022 Is it 22 or 30 with 3,245…

Acts and Love in Action: BGsEtAl 2022AugSep; Vol. XXIII Num. 02;
Is it 22 or 30 with 3,245..

This 2018-2022 term of service in Colombia, Iberoamerica and the Caribbean, for your BGs was brought to us by the loving, often sacrificial generosity of 3,245 transactions from 183 churches and 77 siblings who have been making disciples, serving through peace and justice initiatives, and going with us through online short-term missions in our region. Are you celebrating with us?

Perhaps you are part of the 25 states out 50 in the USA plus Puerto Rico that make up for those transactions. Perhaps you are part of the behind-the-scenes prayer warriors. Perhaps you are one of those encouragers who interacts with us through Facebook or Instagram. Perhaps you are yet to get connected to His mission and this is your opportunity to respond to the call. There’s room for you/your church!

But, did you know that though we are celebrating 22 years of being commissioned on August 4th, we’ve actually been serving together for 30? How is that? It was in August 1992 that we left behind our family and friends in Puerto Rico to dive into step one of three in this journey toward international service. Our first stop as a marriage was where it all began: Israel. After a full year of volunteer service, step two was theological education at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We both graduated in 1996 and soon after our commencement our son Alberto arrived. Step three got delayed longer than it should have, but it eventually came in 2000: full-time international service!

Can you believe that Alberto just turned 26? After completing his own two masters at Asbury Theological Seminary, he is serving through InterVarsity Press in Illinois since last May. He was recruited to be an academic editorial assistant. Though this new blessing meant being away from each other while in training, we are grateful for how God provided for him and how much he is enjoying this learning experience. We are looking forward to having him home in September for his first month of working remote while with us in Florida. Of course, his Güeli resisted the change, but we are glad Alberto will be home for her 89th and Carolina’s 23rd. He was also able to celebrate Daniela’s 18th and Father’s Day over a weekend. Yes, your math is correct, we now have three adult Missionary Kids (MK’s). Though we couldn’t be physically together for Carlos’ 66th and Alberto’s, we always manage to stay connected through video-chats. Mayra became Heinz in March…

Now, this month of August, along with Alberto’s birthday, our commissioning and time in Israel, we continue our US/PR assignment with an online visit to FBC Cupey, Puerto Rico. We will also be in-person at FBC Caguas, Puerto Rico (our home and sending church!) and the 14th Missions’ Lectureship. After a very hectic term that included our move from Colombia to Florida, the pandemic, and our intense time in Wisconsin, we’ll try to slow down a bit in September to recharge before we continue with our visits. Also, in September and October thousands across the country celebrate and give financial support to ministries that God is using to transform the world through the World Mission Offering. Please visit to access the free materials in English; also available in Spanish!

October will bring us to more visits in Indiana and West Virginia for most of the month and November is set aside for the Conference for Missionaries on US/PR assignment. We are looking forward to this time to share with colleagues from around the world who are also making their visits in between terms of service and catching up with the latest from our mission society as we continue responding together for good… In November and December, we will coordinate some Zoom visits while getting ready for more visits in 2023. Stay tuned! Remember that our pics from our visits are available on FB and Instagram (BGs Et Al) and the FB Group (The BGs Et Al). Be sure to stay connected!

As we continue our year of transition between assignments, we pray the Lord will nudge those who will bump and round up our numbers to at least 200 churches and 100 siblings with 4,000 transactions to continue onto our next assignment with 100% of fully pledged support! Are you being called to join us as we continue to learn to live and teach as the disciples of the Way?

Stretching further toward the goal “celebrating with you the 30 and the 22”, your BGs Et Al (

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