Posted on December 12, 2018 Introduction: Reflections of my visit to Honduras in perspective of the Honduran exodus
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By Ricardo Mayol-Bracero

Why do Hondurans leave their country in masses, why women with children and entire families and why to the United States?



Since October 16, an exodus of Hondurans men and women of all ages shook the American continent. I approached the Honduran migrants in Guatemala City, wanting to serve them and understand why they leave their country in this way in masse, why women with children and entire families and why the United States. From that first approach I wrote a reflection that is in this link:



I understood that I had to delve into my understanding of this mass migration, and I accepted the invitation to Honduras extended to me by Sister Karen Gómez, leader of the ecumenical women of Honduras and of the Christian Church Agape, to participate in the Mesoamerican Forum Alba in Movements and be with the Christian Church Agape. Without hesitation, from October 25 to 28, I went to Honduras, and I heard from Hondurans themselves what is behind their exodus.

In the Mesoamerican Forum Alba in Movements, which was held at the National Autonomous University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa, 425 people from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil and Honduras participated in 12 work groups. I participated in the tables, Militarization and Violations of Human Rights and Church and Grassroots Christian Movements. From what I heard in them and from the readings I acquired through them, I share with you a word that I hope clarifies my concerns about the Honduran exodus. The Honduran migrants are bringing out of the darkness into the full light of day atrocious and shameful acts and the actors and accomplices who pushed them out.

Being in Honduras, I realized that the military-business-religious-media-imperial coup of January 28, 2009 to the then president Manuel Zelaya, is a fundamental fact for understanding this human exodus. Evaluating previous and the subsequent acts to this blow, we find light that answers the question: why do Hondurans leave the country in masses to the United States? Honduran walkers unmask the failed model of the country that was imposed on their land. Their steps underpin what needs to be repaired in Honduras and point out those responsible for the setbacks suffered that demand reparation. Their footprints demand that truth, justice and love embrace and kiss so that there be peace; as requested in Psalm 85:10.


Pastor Juan Pablo de la Iglesia Cristiana Ágape

Pastor Juan Pablo de la Iglesia Cristiana Ágape

On Sunday, October 28, 2018, at the Agape Christian Church, Pastor Juan Pablo preached and shared the idea of the following story that clarifies the pain of Honduras.
In a village not far away, where a foreign cacique dominated, lived a woman named Honduras. She was a suffering and fighting single mother with many children. She was the 5th of 4 sisters and a younger brother who had also suffered the mistreatment of the foreign cacique and the tyrant lackeys under his command.
Honduras was forced to marry one of those lackeys. He beat her, abused her and contributed nothing to the support of her and her children. He, rather, took her belongings and land inherited from her father and grandfather to deliver them to the foreign cacique.
Their children grew up without education, health, and an opportunity to excel in their mother’s small and arid ranch.
One day, tired of so many abuses, they decided to go to the hacienda of the cacique. They said, to get something to support our mother and brothers we are going. Watching them leave the cacique ordered his lackey, stop them, but he could not hold them. They were determined to show everyone their father’s oppression. They left, and their aunt Guatemala helped them and their uncle-grandfather Mexico, too. During their journey the lackeys of the cacique, without caring for their people, hurt the walkers with tear gas and many abuses. But the sons and daughters of Honduras, free of lackeys and cacique, shouted their pain.



I wrote 3 reflections of my visit to Honduras to clarify this tangled Honduran situation; and I ask you, please, to think with me and together we join strengths that accompany the Honduran people. These are the titles and links of my meditations:

1) The militarization and the consequent violations of Human Rights.

2) The collapsed model of economic development.

3) The Christian Agape Church, partner in the pain of the Honduran people


Keep up with me, please.