Posted on June 30, 2021 International Ministries honored during the Vellore Foundation Annual Meeting

International Ministries honored during the Vellore Foundation Annual Meeting

Benjamin Chan

June 30, 2021


During the Virtual Annual Meeting of the Vellore Foundation on June 30, 2021,

International Ministries of American Baptist Churches USA was among the five organizations and 12 individual donors.

being honored for supporting the Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC), Vellore, India, for more than 40 years.

CMC Vellore has done a tremendous work responding to the second wave COVID impact in India: “The collective support of friends and supporters around the world has enabled CMC to rapidly establish the infrastructure and capacity needed to treat thousands of COVID-19 patients per week. Since February 2021, CMC increased the number of COVID treatment beds from 72 to 1,150 located throughout its three campuses in two states. This included the timely procurement of life-saving equipment for 121 ICU beds, such as ventilators and oxygen concentrators. Additionally, CMC managed over 700 patients through the nurse-run telehealth program called “CMC COVID Home Isolation Management (CMC CoHIM)”, reducing the pressure on hospital beds. On June 1st, CMC launched a new initiative called “Vaccinate Vellore” with a goal of fully immunizing 70,000 people within the next 60 days. Although the Indian government is offering a free COVID vaccine program, procedurally it presents too many obstacles to be useful in Vellore. Consequently, CMC is looking to purchases the vaccines needed for the program at a cost of $11 (US) per vaccine, resulting in a total program cost of $772,000…”

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