Posted on November 3, 2021 INSAAF INSIGHTS: Celebrating God’s Generosity In A Time Of Scarcity

As the economic crisis affects all aspects of our daily life, including the lack of internet due to the lack of electricity and limited movement due to the lack of fuel, we rejoice in the ways God has equipped INSAAF to help us serve the migrant domestic workers in our community.

Medical Care and Medicine

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, 40% of the doctors and 30% of the nurses have left Lebanon. Lebanon is also experiencing a shortage of medications. Even basic painkillers are hard to find. Pharmacies that do have medicine available often refuse to sell it to non-Lebanese.

INSAAF has been able to purchase some medicines needed by some of our migrant workers by either traveling to Turkey to get them or having Lebanese contacts purchase them for us. Read some letters of thanks from some of our beneficiaries:

Dear Brethren,

I’m Sister Jenny Jirishian. I attend the Friday Bible Study and prayer at INSAAF regularly and also receive monthly food vouchers. We thank our Lord first for sending human angels to us by helping us obtain 3 months’ worth of medicine for my husband, Pastor Hagop Jirishian. A few weeks ago his doctor found out that the stent on his heart is past expiration. Because of this, he was having blood clots in his veins, which increases his risk of a stroke or heart attack.

The doctor ordered an emergency operation to change two stents in his heart. As soon as we knew about his situation I asked Elma, Melanie, and Sarah at INSAAF for help. We needed a huge amount of medicine post-operation. Since we are facing an economic crisis we are struggling to find even pain relievers.

We thank our Lord for hearing our prayers and for sending all of you for us to lift us up.

We don’t know your names, but God knows and sees your deeds to us. We extend our Thank you, and we never forget all of you in our Prayers. May our Lord return back unto you all your goodness. Thank you all.

Your sister in Christ, Jenny Jirishian

Misriya Nona is a 64-year-old cancer patient and a Sri Lankan National. She has been living in Lebanon for 20 years.

Misriya and her daughter came to INSAAF at the end of July:

Last year we noticed a swelling on her face. She was experiencing so much pain but we ignored it since we didn’t have money to pay for a medical check-up. Now we are so thankful to INSAAF who helped us in so many ways. From our monthly food assistance, medicine, diaper, and the doctor’s check-up. My mom is now bedridden and suffering from severe pain. So far we are waiting for our embassy who is processing her papers to travel back to our country. INSAAF also pledged to buy a ticket for my mom. God bless INSAAF for helping many people. Thank you.




The following is a letter from Adebayo Khadijit, from Nigeria. She has been living in Lebanon for two years. She was pregnant with nowhere to turn.

Hi everyone,
I just want to thank God for bringing me to INSAAF. When I was pregnant I had nothing on me. I was totally confused and I didn’t even know where to start from. The father of my babies is not here with me and I was really broken. I was completely shattered, I came to INSAAF and they referred me to MSF (MEDICAL SANS FRONTIER). I was registered and I delivered my babies with MSF. INSAAF provides me with my basic needs, plus they rendered assistance every month, with their help I was able to care for my babies. I’m really grateful to God and Thanks To INSAAF for coming through for me and my babies.

God bless you all!


Twin babies, a boy and a girl David Munachisom and Favour

Hygiene Kits

In addition to food vouchers, we have been able to distribute 120 hygiene kits to our migrant domestic workers (MDWs). It might not look like much, but this is a huge help as many of these items (cleaning products, bath soap, tissues, feminine pads, etc.) are extremely expensive. All together, these items easily cost at least one-third of a Lebanese persons’ salary

Aloida Nogoy, a MDW from the Philippines, expresses her thanks:

Have a good day. Thank you for the things we received. It is a big help for us. I don’t have work and my husband earns only 90,000LL. We rent a house and pay for everything. We also have a 5-month-old baby. So these things are a big help us. We save that money for my baby’s needs. May God continue to bless you all. Thank you!


We rejoice in the many varied ways God is using us to be his hands and feet to “the least of these” in Beirut at this time. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and for your generous giving!

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