December 2, 2017 South Asia – Kids for Mission
India - Kids for Mission
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide goats to needy indigenous families in Northeast India.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $45,000 to help families have a self-sustaining source of nourishment.
DescriptionNortheast India is populated by hundreds of indigenous tribal groups, each with its own unique language and culture. Much of this remote region is yet untamed with dense jungle, wild elephants and rhinoceros. Braving the dangers and discomfort of rainforest heat and humidity, the hazards of travel and often opposition to their message, church planters venture to share the news of Jesus’ love and life-giving sacrifice with those who haven’t heard the gospel. You can partner with these ministers of the word and enable them to offer life-sustaining assistance through the gift of a goat. A young goat, or kid, helps meet the villagers’ basic needs for food and better nutrition. A goat is a tangible expression of Christ’s love. Each family that receives a goat commits to pass on the first female offspring to another family to multiply the blessings and improve the quality of life in the broader community.
Suggested Gifts$60 provides one young goat for a family.
Prayer RequestsPray for the safety and effectiveness of those ministering to tribal groups in these remote regions of Northeast India. Pray that the members of each tribe will be receptive to hearing the Good News. Pray that these goats will improve the quality of life for each family.
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