Posted on November 13, 2019 Important Update from J.D. and Rhonda Reed
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If you have watched International news over the last three weeks you may have seen news about elections in Bolivia.  On October 20, there were national elections held in Bolivia where the incumbent President was seeking a fourth term as Bolivian President along with seven other candidates.  It is a long story, but in the process there was strong evidence that there was widespread election fraud on behalf of the president and his party.  So on Tuesday, October 22, the majority of the country began a national civic strike that has continued on for twenty days now (as of Sunday, Nov. 10 when this was written).  What this means in most of the major cities the streets were non-violently blockaded but in pockets there has been some violence and three deaths have occurred so far.  It has been a hard three weeks for the people of Bolivia, no matter what side of the debate they fall on.

After a number of conversations with colleagues, other local missionaries in Bolivia, friends, our support team and the International Ministries leadership, it was determined that our family and our colleague, Sarah Nash, should return to the US and work remotely from here for a few weeks or until the situation comes to a resolution.  We arrived in WV early this morning after a day of travel and will be here for at least a few weeks.

There was a big step forward this afternoon (Sunday, Nov. 10) when the President and the Vice President have confirmed that they will be resigning their positions and there will be new elections soon.  This is a big step in the right direction, but the conflict is far from over.  The national civic strike is going to continue on until the protesters are certain that there will be a lawful and fair transfer of power.

We will be returning to Bolivia as soon as the situation comes to a full resolution.  Until that time, please join us in praying for Bolivia and its people.  This has been called a battle for the Soul of Bolivia.  Some others have said that this is one of the most pivotal moments in Bolivia’s political history.  Pray for the Bolivian Evangelical Community to be a light in this troubled time and that the Holy Spirit will empower them to lead the way to a new Bolivia.  Pray for this wonderful country and its amazing people.  Pray that there is reconciliation and unity and that the country of Bolivia will be stronger because of how the Holy Spirit guided them to a new chapter in the history of their country.

In Christ,
J.D. and Rhonda Reed

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