Posted on November 4, 2022 IM Ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo/Link to Video

Did you know? This year marks the 138th anniversary of IM’s work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo…! IM’s ministry in this country (formerly called the Belgian Congo, and then later, Zaire) began in 1884; over the past 138 years, almost 500 IM missionaries served in this nation. Together with our partner the Baptist Community of the Congo, ministries of evangelism, discipleship, theological education, health and wellness, agriculture, literacy, and education were created and cultivated, nourished, developed, sustained — and renewed!

IM celebrates the legacy entrusted to us by the faithful, visionary and resilient servant-leaders who laid down the foundation (and often times, their lives) for who we are today. We celebrate the inspirational faith and resilience of the Congolese believers with whom we have partnered as they have lived through profound social, economic, and political challenges. Most of all, we celebrate the thousands and thousands of people in the DR Congo whose lives have been transformed by the liberating love of Jesus Christ, and whose lives have been impacted by the whole gospel.

This video, created for the DR Congo Celebration at the 2022 World Mission Conference, provides a brief glimpse of IM’s ministries in the DR Congo ( As an IM supporter, you are a part of this legacy! Please join us as we thank God for all those who have served – and are serving! – in the DR Congo – even as we look forward in anticipation to seeing all that God will do in the future, in this great nation.

Karen R Smith

Area Director for Africa