Posted on March 13, 2018 IM Expands Vacation Bible School Projects in 2018
Vacation Bible School

Dear Friends,

Vacation Bible School is the perfect time to get your children and families fired up about global mission!

I have great memories of sitting in VBS classes with the children of my church and letting them ask me questions about the worst things I’ve eaten on the mission field as we poured over a world map showing where I had been.

Some of our global servants still tell the stories of how they were inspired to start this career path because of what they first learned in VBS.

If your church is looking for ideas for your Vacation Bible School this year, we have some suggestions. You may want to support an IM global servant. Start by selecting a global servant here, then contact him or her by email or Skype and begin (or continue) a meaningful and ongoing relationship. There is much for your children to learn from having a firsthand relationship with a global servant.

Or you may choose any of IM’s 76 global mission projects to support. Last year, we hand-selected 10 projects for VBS.

This year, we are expanding the VBS opportunities. We hope this larger selection helps you find just the right projects to complement your church’s VBS theme. They will inspire your kids to be cheerful givers, encourage them to reach out to others in need and empower them to make an eternal difference around the world through global mission.

More choices, easy to choose.

Thanks to the new and improved search function on the IM website, it is very easy to search for global mission projects.

Simply click here to browse through all the possible selections. Or quickly narrow them down to the ones that match your church’s theme by clicking on “Find a Project.” You may search by ministry priority (such as Education, Health & Wellness, Human Trafficking, Economic Development, and more) or by country, region or continent.

You’ll find these projects and many more…

Thailand – Help provide regular daily meals for more than 200 tribal girls and young women who are survivors of or at risk for exploitation.

Haiti – Help provide 14 villages in Haiti with water pumps, making it possible for families to have safe, clean water to reduce the spread of deadly waterborne illnesses.

Global – Help provide medication, education, medical equipment and health care supplies to families in resource-deficient areas around the world.

Remember, all of IM’s global mission projects are hand-selected and managed by our global servants and partners and approved by our area directors. So you can be sure that your boys and girls are taking part in projects that are greatly needed, much appreciated and closely managed.

Many of our giving opportunities are perfect for VBS, but you don’t have to stop there. Feel free to share these projects during summer church events and programs—or open them up to your entire congregation to participate.

You’re just a few clicks away from finding a global servant or project that will captivate your children’s imaginations and help them follow Jesus through the world of global mission.

Thank you for introducing your children to the work of the Lord through global mission and empowering them to joyfully participate. May your spring and summer be filled with God’s blessings.

In Christ,

Sharon Koh

Sharon T. Koh
Executive Director / CEO