Posted on July 18, 2018 Hungary Bibles/Camp Scholarship fund update


Just an update on the Bibles’ fund – Thought you would like to know that in this past year, over 200 bibles have been handed out to Hungarians who WANT them!! PTL! A lot of these were at camp, but also many have been given to pastors for giving to new brothers & sisters, or for others who would like to READ the word in easier text! They have also been given to bible studies -20 were given to ‘Z’ as he has a large bible study group.

There have also just been many individuals to whom we have given bibles – the latest is a young man in the Ukraine who just gave his heart to Jesus at a Grain Game camp. PTL, we had a bible on hand to give to him!! Peter & Kurt, through the Grain Game, have also given a number of these bibles to pastors and others who would love to have a bible to read in an easier text – this has beenĀ done in Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Hungary!

Nearly every pastor or individual we have given these to have at least teared up, some actually openly wept, they were SO very thankful for these precious gifts!

We had a large collection of English bibles. People kept bringing us some, though we didn’t ask for them. Finally I asked the Lord if He could let us know WHY we have all these English bibles in a country that speaks Hungarian… Not a week went by & I received a call from Anna, a young Hungarian who has a passion to work with the refugees – many are stuck here in Hungary either at refugee camps/settlements or in essentially, jail – waiting for their visas or to be able to exit this country… Anna called and asked if we might have some extra English bibles, because so many of the refugees don’t know Hungarian, but they DO know English & God had changed their hearts so that they had really wanted to read the bible and do bible studies!! PTL!! So, I was delighted to deliver to Anna about 30 English bibles and a number of bible studies as well as great books to read, like and other classics that answer questions! PTL!

Kurt & Carrie Smalley