Posted on February 15, 2016 Hungarians’ English Bible Studies

English Conversational Bible Study in Péterí. We have such a great group and a lot of fun as well as getting work done;)

Please pray for these Bible studies. We have normally about 20 people come to practice speaking their English with native speakers (ourselves and some others). Pray for God’s word to be planted into these hearts and minds of Hungarians (often very dry ground and very suspect of a truly loving, just God!). Some have come to know Christ all ready through these studies. We are praying for many more, and God willing, the beginning of a church plant here in Péterí, a town of about 2500 people with two churches that have about 20 in their congregations…

There are LITERALLY  THOUSANDS of towns/villages in Hungary with NO church whatsoever!! Pray for Hungary!! If you would like specific names, Istvan or Janos is a great place to start – a huge population of men in the Hungarian culture are named those names, so with those names, you can pray for at least 1/3 of the country!!