Posted on November 12, 2018 Huge Blessings

Dear Ones,

What a joy to get to share good news with you!

Our big news at Mitendi Women’s Center is the construction on the new primary school is well underway! We’re about 1/3 of the way through with the building. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see those walls going up brick by brick. My profound thanks to all of you who have made building this school possible. Mitendi Primary School is going to impact a lot of lives for years to come. What a privilege it is to partner with you in this ministry! Please keep the building of the school and the construction crew in your prayers.


Speaking of the construction crew, I was surprised to see a young woman among the team of masons on the building site and asked the engineer about her. He said that she recently completed her studies at a local technical school in masonry and is now doing her apprenticeship with his construction team. She approached him about her apprenticeship just as we were beginning construction on the primary school. He thought how appropriate to have a women on the team working at the women’s center. I agree! He said she is quite skilled and plenty strong, but that she will have a challenging road ahead of her in the field of construction. Since masonry is considered a man’s vocation in Congo, her safety may often be at risk. I’m grateful, at least for now, that she can begin her career in the safe environment of Mitendi Women’s Center.  She’s a real inspiration to the other young women at the center. We are blessed to have her with us! Let’s keep this brave young pioneer in our prayers.

Again, I want to sincerely thank all of you who faithfully support Mitendi Primary School, not only financially, but through your prayers, as well. You are a huge blessing!

Your prayers are the true foundation for this construction project, and they will be the success of the school in the future!

Much Love,


Things to pray about:

– safety during construction on the school building

– finances: that we can quickly raise the final $20,000 necessary to complete and furnish the school building

– the ministry of Mitendi Primary School: to bring quality education in a Christian environment to displaced and vulnerable children