Posted on May 15, 2023 Honor the Lord
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Lyn Lusi was a British Baptist Missionary nurse who came to the Congo where she met Dr. Jo Lusi, a Congolese Orthopedic Surgeon. Together they served in mission hospitals across Africa, returning to the Congo during the Rwandan massacre in the 1994 to serve the thousands who had sought refuge in Goma. They had a vision, and built HEAL Africa Hospital (Health, Education, Action and Leadership).  Years later, in 2002, Mt Nyiragongo erupted, and much of the city of Goma, including the entire HEAL Africa facility was destroyed.

Not dissuaded by seeing their life’s work turned into cinders, they set out to rebuild the hospital, one building at a time.   With offers from institutional donors to help fund the rebuilding of this vital hospital, they insisted, as a testimony of faith, that the chapel would be the first thing to be rebuilt.

Surrounded by the hardened lava, the house of God took shape.

As the founders of HEAL Africa honored God, He has honored them.  The combined Hospital and Spiritual Ministries of HEAL Africa have continued to grow and are a beacon of light in an area of the world that has seen much darkness.  A few years ago, when Christian national and international organizations began removing the cross from their logos, HEAL Africa declined to follow that trend… the cross is still centered over the map of Africa.   God continues to bless this ministry abundantly!

Honor the Lord with the first fruits of your harvest; then your barns will be filled with plenty.   Proverbs 3:9-10