Posted on October 30, 2018 Honduran Migrants
Casa del Migrante en la Ciudad de Guatemala
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Here is a reflective note of the Honduran migration in transit through Guatemala and Mexico to the United States.

Con bebés

Migrantes con bebés

The phenomenon of mass migration, in which migrants take the road and protect themselves, is new. Up to this point the migrants used the help of coyotes, mostly linked to criminal networks, so they were vulnerable prisoners exposed to kidnappings, extortions, the rapes of daughters, siblings and spouses, and cages in brothels, murders and disappearances. In this new phenomenon, they protect each other, and the humanitarian society covers them with gestures of faithful love to the gospel (because I was a stranger and you invited me in… (Mt 25:43).

There are networks of shelters – houses of migrants – throughout the migrant route. In Guatemala City, there is one very close to the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala that welcomes migrants and where humanitarian aid (clothing, food, mats, psychologists, pastors, priests, young people, and even a hairdresser offering his talent) overflows, creating an oasis in the desert of this tortuous pilgrimage.

I came to this house to offer something of myself. There, my Honduran brothers and sisters showed themselves to me:

Jóvenes Migrantes


Let’s be vigilant, let’s see if there is a political game with these human displacements to influence the elections of the legislative body of the United States in just 2 weeks in November. Maybe they want to push for a firm hand to crush the Democrats. No wonder they play with human pain for political purposes. Although this a twisted situation, the hope of the kingdom is an awakened people, who hear and live the gospel, and which Christ, the migrant, announces redemptive ways and invites to follow-up. We walk with Him, and we accompany Dulce María and her little daughter and her companions on this pilgrimage. Let us unite in this pilgrimage that undoes damning fences and borders; and like the hairdresser, come and offer ourselves to transform the borders of death into bridges of life.