Posted on November 5, 2019 Home Again Amid Chaos and Crisis
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Dear Loved ones,

Greeting. We are back home in Haiti since yesterday Saturday September 28. When we left in June 15, the country was having troubles. We have returned to a troubled country again. We had to use a friend who knows the back door and short cut to chauffeur us out and in.

From the airport to home, we did not have any trouble. The road was empty: no cars, no motorcycles, no weddings’, no funeral processions. The emptiness on the   road was very scary. At least we are home and we thank God for that.

Home, no cooking propane gas and Mama Kihomi has to use charcoal to cook outside in the sun.

Thanks to Mama Kihomi ministries, a woman leader stopped by our house early to give us a bag of charcoal as a welcome back gift.

Thank you for your support and your prayers. We are here to rejoice and to cry with our people.

We understand that many students are on the campus and have no easy way to return to their homes.

Tomorrow Monday I’ll start teaching and we will update you on what is going on at  our campus and around the country.

We need prayers for our dear colleague Brian Smith in the hospital in Florida. They are still running some tests.

Yours in Haiti,

Nzunga and Kihomi.
Dear friends,


If you have been following the news you know Haiti is in riot mode again.  All that I have been able to find says this time it may last longer and be more violent.  I will try to condense a complicated situation briefly.  Haiti had a sweetheart deal with Venezuela for below market price fuel.  That has disappeared, so they must buy off the open market.  They raised fuel prices and then backed off due to the riots is caused.  Currently they owe millions for fuel and the fuel companies have cut them off.

Haitians believe the president is corrupt and lining his own pocket instead of getting them fuel at the old prices.  They are demanding his resignation.  Who knows what is going to happen?  One report I read said the World Bank was willing to loan them the money to cover their past due bills but demanded they raise prices first.  You can see the rock and hard place here.

With no fuel everything is closed.  Therefore, food is in a crisis state also.  Angry hungry people do not react well.

Nzunga and Kihomi had to cancel their trip back twice due to people in Haiti telling them it was too dangerous.  Finally, this Saturday they returned anyhow. Their ability to find food ad stay safe is going to be a problem.

Please pray for a peaceful resolution and the safety of everyone.


In Jesus name,


Denny Shewell, Charles Newman, Terry Biden, Les Roberson, Diana Peysha

Nzunga and Kihomi Missionary Partnership Team

Contact:  Phone 812-569-1352




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