Posted on June 6, 2023 History Revisited

Seven of us journeyed from Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania to discover and revisit early 19th century history in Liberia. We all arrived either via Ethiopian Airlines or Brussels Airlines in late May, to be welcomed by Jesus’ radical hospitality in Sister Cecelia W. a representative from Link Aid International (one of IM partners). Her smile was the guiding light at the airport and throughout the ten-day Discovery trip in Liberia.

Many questions accompanied us on this journey. They quickly made space for God moments. We stood where Rev. Lott Carey and his traveling companions of long ago stood, on Providence Island.

On Pentecost Sunday, we joined new siblings at the historical Providence Baptist Church. A church that symbolizes so much about freedom, liberation, alliances, foundation and also speaks of continued dialogues and alliances to be formed.

We smiled as we recognized a familiar name of a jointly appointed missionary (ABFMS & Richmond African Baptist Missionary Society), Rev. Lott Carey, as the founding pastor of the Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia, Liberia.

We visited and met with representatives of all five IM partners, watched with joy the rehearsal of the kindergarten graduation at the Lott Carey Baptist Mission School. We were also grateful to see the new water tower funded by the Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta, standing so tall and serving filtered water to the school and its surrounding villages.

History told and revisited in so many aspects for all seven of us. We were blessed to have with us, Rev. Charles Jones, Area Director for Europe Middle East and Liberia, whom was affectionately referred to as “Bishop” by many of our hosts. A sign of respect bestowed upon an elder who has been a bridge builder in ministry. We joined in showing respect as well.

Many seeds were planted in all our hearts as we saw, met and heard about the many blessings received by various IM grants and volunteer hours and sweat. God’s mission is very much alive in many counties in Liberia. Requests for various skills, funds and collaborative efforts were expressed by the IM partners. The Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary welcomes skilled and experienced professors (virtually and in-person).

Might you be curious to know if your skills are desired? Might you feel called to be part of Kingdom building in that first African country who became independent in 1847? Might you want to know more about ministry in post pandemic and civil unrests and wars? Contact the Short-Term Mission desk at to help plan a trip for yourself or with your local congregation. We will be happy to prepare you and your team on this historical journey from where you are to Maryland, Virginia and familiar city names in Liberia.

It was a privilege to see and live partnership in the Gospel in Liberia.

Hope moved and weaved through many hearts.