Posted on July 10, 2018 Helping in Honduras

A team of four adults is serving in Honduras alongside our global servant, Dilia Zelaya for nine days. The team leader, Dr. Cynthia Falk, from First Baptist Church in Cooperstown, shares what has transpired on “Day 4” at Azacualpa:

“Today we went to work. The school here currently serves grades K-7, and more room is needed for the younger children. Before we arrived, the foundation trenches had been dug for an addition, and the concrete footers poured. We started the morning moving dirt to fill in holes and eliminate mounds in what will be two new classrooms. Our goal was to finish this before the rains came as they will saturate and harden the ground. We succeeded, as tonight it poured after we finished work.

While we were working on the dirt, a Honduran team has been laying blocks and working on tree removal around the construction site. We helped with the latter in the afternoon. Over lunch, we were able to play with the children who attend the school and also the kids who come for the feeding program—the opportunity for a free lunch and recreation at the compound. We colored, pushed swings, painted nails, and jumped roped. Michael got to ride the bus with the kids after school, when they went back home.
We have been reading Romans 12 for devotions today, specifically the parts about hospitality, living in harmony, rejoicing in hope, and loving what is good. Pray that our sore muscles are ready for another day tomorrow and that the rain doesn’t do such a number on the roads that they become impassible.
Day 7

We started saying our good byes today. While we don’t leave until Saturday(7/14), two days from now, today was the last day that the children in the feeding program were with us, as the program runs Monday to Thursday.

This morning we visited a large public school in Azacualpa and presented La Oveja Perdida to two classes. We never expected to get so much mileage from this little play, but it has been so fun to share the parable and do sheep/shepherd activities with the kids.
We also visited with Hilda this morning—three of us had helped to renovate her house last summer so it was good to see her and see the finished project.
This afternoon, in addition to spending time with the kids, we continued moving wood (we finally feel like we can see progress), did some shopping in preparation for tomorrow and our return home, and got to eat dinner at a restaurant, giving the staff at the home a much needed break from caring for and feeding us.
We have a full day planned for tomorrow and will be headed into the mountains if the rain holds off.
Tonight we read from Isaiah—those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength—an encouraging reminder as we finish out the week.”
Thank you 2018 Honduras Team for your servants’ hearts and compassionate hands. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe” (John 20:29)