Posted on October 10, 2017 Help Reduce Poverty through Economic Development with the World Mission Offering

“Thomas is a pastor in a rural town. So one day he came to me and said, ‘Can I take beekeeping lessons?’ … As it turned out, he became my main partner in teaching and training Mapuche beekeepers. Actually his knowledge of beekeeping surpasses my own! Beekeeping is a vocation. It’s very difficult. To be able to master a craft like this gives people dignity. They realize, ‘I know something. I’m good at something. I can produce income and I can take care of creation at the same time.’”

Rev. Dwight Bolick
International Ministries global servant in Chile


Your prayers and gifts to the World Mission Offering allow International Ministries to address the economic needs of low-income individuals and families by creating sustainable businesses and employment opportunities in the countries where we serve.

Learn more about how IM helps to reduce poverty and build sustainable livelihoods in the World Mission Offering video about Economic and Community Development in Chile.

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