Posted on February 1, 2021 HDCS and IM Consultation Meeting

HDCS and IM Consultation Meeting

Benjamin Chan

February 1, 2021


Carole Sydnor and I had a wonderful consultation meeting with the officers of the Human Development and Community Service, a faith-based NGO in Nepal. Its mission is to bring holistic transformation of life and community through education, health and community development. Executive Director Kapil Sharma shared how the staff of HDCS provided relief assistance to the most needy families during the pandemic. As the COVID situation is now improving, HDCS is focusing on its community development section through the Livelihood Development Project which seeks help women generate income and support their children’s schooling.

We also conducted an interview with the officers on Economic and Community Transformation Initiative, one of the Response to the Call strategic mission goals. It is fair to say that all the services of HDCS in its community development section are promoting economic and community development, especially for women and least served families and communities. HDCS is also looking for long term professionals to help in the education and health sectors of its schools and hospitals. Carole and I will have more virtual meetings with them to strengthen our partnership.

Carole and her husband Bucky are former missionaries of International Ministries (IM) serving in Nepal. Carole is currently IM Special Assistant for Nepal Relations.

Please pray for HDCS and click to read more about their ministries:

Devotions led by Carole Sydnor and singing around the meeting table.


Carole Sydnor meeting with current HDCS Executive Director Kapil Sharma (middle) and forme.

HDCS projects map