Posted on October 28, 2014 Happy 8th Anniversary Deborah’s House!!
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Dear friends,

We are so thankful for you and all that you have done for Deborah’s House!

Without your generous support, this ministry would not be possible. Your faithful giving has meant the difference for all of our residents. In supporting us, you have helped to build much more than a temporary shelter for the 150+ families who have called Deborah’s House their home over the last eight years. You have created a place where these women and children could find God’s grace and love. You have given them the opportunity to escape horrific abuse and begin to build a new life, free of fear.

Many have come to Tijuana personally as part of a mission team or as a volunteer. You have invested your hearts and lives in this ministry. Your presence has been a beautiful gift to our residents, and continues to inspire them.  You have shared your gifts and talents, and spoken into their hearts a new message of love, grace and hope. They had been told their whole lives that they were worthless, and you exposed that lie for what it was, as you have given up so much to come to Tijuana just for them, and as you shared your love with them.

Currently, we have 8 women and 18 children at the shelter. It seems that we have this regular cycle at the shelter, as a group of women arrive at the shelter at about the same time, work through their deep wounds to find healing, and then find the strength to move on to a new future together. As they arrive, they are often very hard on one another, but by the time they leave they are part of a family, and they continue to support each other, even though they are scattered across the city.

We are still at the beginning stages with this current group of women. There are a lot of trials and much stress. As we write this, we are beginning to see signs of transformation among their relationships. We see some very beautiful expressions of grace and healing as they are finding the trust to begin new friendships and to forge a new family together.

Running the shelter is a fairly expensive endeavor, and our budget is over $60,000 a year. This doesn’t seem like much by US standards, especially considering it pays for four full time salaries, three part time seamstresses, and food, utilities, transportation, education and medical care for an average of 25 residents at a time. However, in this society, this is more than most people could imagine having to raise. Yet God always provides, and though our budget is tight, our residents have never gone hungry or thirsty. More than that, we have done our best to introduce to them a fountain, from which they can drink and never again be thirsty.

We recognize that one incredible way God has provided has been through your sacrificial giving. Because of your generosity, this shelter has been able to serve its residents since October of 2006, and we hope and trust that it will continue to serve for many more years to come!!

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support to the World Mission Offering and to our dear colleagues working on behalf of God’s kingdom in mission and ministry around the world.

With love and appreciation,

Adalia and Ray Schellinger-Gutiérrez….

and our great Missionary Partnership Team!!