Posted on February 12, 2020 Hands Around The World
Hands Around The World
A Short-Term Discovery Trip led by Kristy Engel, the Global Consultant for Health, included two Australian college students in the health sector. According to Kristy Engel  “The objective of the trip was to visit 6 countries over 8 weeks to observe and engage with healthy ministries that follow an asset-based community development (ABCD) model.”
They visited USA (Atlanta), Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Netherlands and Bangladesh. In each location the trio met with local partners and asked questions about best practices while also participating in cultural activities, visiting colleagues and recipients of development work, joining church services and learning about health disparities and their causes. The final result was that the students discovered how important building relationships of trust is within each community and the lasting results of healthy outreach.
As one of the participants stated, “Meeting Kristy’s world family was the best part of the trip”
Here are a few pictures from the trip and reflections from Aleisha and Meg:
Celebrating Christmas in Cairo with host, Pastor Mounir & his family:
Riding camels in Egypt:
Visiting the Center for Civil & Human Rights in Atlanta:
Here are excerpts of reflections from Meg & Aleisha, Kristy’s traveling companions:
  • I felt safe throughout the entire trip. I appreciated that we almost always had a local with us or were in the security of hotels/complexes
  • Kristy’s experience in travelling enabled us to quickly find a successful plan B AND C when things didn’t go as expected
  • Kristy’s contacts in every country were wonderful! At no point did it feel as though we were meeting with people who didn’t want us to be there or felt uncomfortable with us there. And I realise this is due to years of building relationships.
  • Kristy prepared us well for the long stopovers, long days and exhausting travel times.
  •  I am so eternally grateful for everything you (Kristy) did and everything you (Kristy) showed us and taught us!! Definitely life changing
  • My main goal was to learn about the world of missions, myself and healthy missions. The goals were met.
  • In light of the circumstances that arose in various countries we were scheduled to travel to, I would not change a thing.
  • Being open and flexible put a whole new light on the trip.
  • The people we met were so wonderful and full of wisdom to share. I will not take that for granted.
  • God calls us to be present. I learn humility.

Short-Term Missions do not have linear paths. God asks us to trust to go where He has gone, to serve as humble sons and daughters and recognize His light in others. The STM team thanks the Hands Around The World 2019 team for their  obedience.