October 4, 2017 Haiti – Pigs for Kids
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GoalThe goal of this project is to combat poverty through education but giving children piglets to raise and sell for school costs.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $21,000 to purchase hundreds of piglets to empower more than 400 families with an income to educate their children.
DescriptionIn Haiti, one of the best ways to combat poverty is through education. However, when jobs are scarce and family finances are slim, it can be hard to provide even the basics like food and medication, much less tuition and school supplies. The Haitian Baptist Convention is addressing the problem by providing piglets for children to raise and sell to cover the costs for tuition, school uniforms and supplies. The swine flu epidemic had a severe impact in Haiti killing off the native pigs. Importing healthy piglets that can thrive in the hot, humid Haitian climate was a creative solution. Piglet raising, provides a small but reliable source of income. It teaches responsibility in addition to teaching the rewards for hard work. Selling the adult pigs provides a source of income that makes it possible for children to get an education when their family lacks the resources themselves. Your giving will empower more than 400 families by providing an income producing project to pay for their children’s education.
Suggested Gifts$50 provides one pig to a child in need. $250 provides five pigs. $500 provides ten pigs.
Prayer RequestsPlease prayerfully consider brightening the future of a child by funding an education through piglet raising.
Managed ByKihomi Ngwemi & Nzunga Mabudiga