Posted on April 26, 2016 Growing and Changing – Graduation Time – Spring 2016

March was a special time as 15 friends from the Hope for the Hilltribes project in the USA came to facilitate a camp for our House of Love (HOL) and CDPD students and staff.  (I hope you enjoy the photos I have included).  With 81 people involved (including 5 students who were blind and 5 students who were deaf), there was a lot of planning involved—but the 8 days were wonderful!  The focus was the means of growth in our Christian walk.  We also had lots of laughter throughout our time together.  Personally for me, the camp opened up new avenues of relating with some of our HOL family, as we have been continuing to meet as a cell group and share about what we are learning from our self-study of the Bible.  I have loved having our students share from such diverse passages from both the New and Old Testaments.  Fellowship is indeed sweet!

I did want to let you know that with the current levels of giving, I am facing a shortfall with my salary for this year.
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